Release Your Inner Artist

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Release you inner artist.JPG

Release Your Inner Artist


Release your inner Artist!

Get creative for 2 hours and play with paint while you sip a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink! Refreshments available

Selena will guide you through the easy steps to create a piece of art to take home and show to your family and friends.

Immerse yourself in an artistic journey with guidance from Selena, who has taught and sold art since 2003.

This is not a paint by numbers workshop,rather a guided tutor session suitable for even the most artistically challenged!

All the materials needed to create your artwork are included in this workshop.

Minimum of 6 participants required. Maximum 12

Monthly 2 - 4pm

There are 3 class choices: 1. Black and white modern, 2. Landscape abstraction, 3. Stylised flower

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